About the Book


OFFICER  UP! is an effort to help police officers behave appropriately all the  time.  The ideas offered here can help officers keep from crossing the  line of improper conduct.  The concepts outlined in the book can help  police supervisors support proper officer conduct and help police  managers maintain climates conducive to appropriate police behavior,  both without and within their organizations.  The ideas are presented in  light of the current political context.  The importance of  understanding how culture and climate affect police work is discussed.  A  simple, yet memorable program is detailed that can square up an  officer’s behavior in an instant.  The book concludes with a  conversation about motivating police officers and some recommendations  for improving the policing enterprise with the goal of cultivating and  maintaining legitimacy within the communities we serve.


About the Author

 Sergeant  Tim Tremaine was born in Ft. Worth, Texas and currently lives in  Arlington, Texas.  Tim received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and  History and a Master of Arts degree in Religion from Hardin Simmons  University in Abilene, Texas.  His police career began in 1985 with the  Arlington Police Department.  Tim holds a Master Peace Officer  certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  With APD,  Tim served as a patrol officer, administrative assistant to the Deputy  Chief of Patrol, and hit and run investigator.  After retiring from APD,  he joined the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy sheriff. He  currently serves Tarrant County as a patrol sergeant.  Tim is a  distinguished graduate of the School of Police Supervision at the  Institute for Law Enforcement Administration in Plano, Texas.  For  years, Tim was a liaison with the Arlington Christian Ministries and  coordinated the Arlington observance of the National Day of Prayer. Tim  has two adult sons living in Tennessee.